Wine, what exactly

is it all about?

Well it’s not such a dumb question, certainly wine comes from fermented grape juice, but what makes wine taste the way it does and why do different varietals (grape types) have different flavour profiles and why do those same varietals taste different from country to country, region to region or even vineyard to vineyard?

How come some wines are robust in alcohol and taste and others light in both. Just why does wine become wine rather than just grape juice?  Why are some wines made from a mix of varietals and others from just one type! And just how many different types of wines and varietals are there?

It’s a big and complex area and in the UK the ’take-home’ wine market is worth over £5 billion! In fact just take a walk down any major supermarket wine aisle to see how big and complex it really is! Yes, shopping the ‘Wine Wall’ can be an intimidating process for most, which is why many people still simply go looking for the cheapest deals.

But as in all things, cheap isn’t always the best option, as a little knowledge can go a long way! So true to our name, here at National Wine Week we’ve simplified the whole wine choice process, giving you the basic wine facts and tips so you can face the Wine Wall or your local restaurant wine list with some confidence and really be able to enjoy ‘Les plaisirs du vin!

Les plaisirs du vin!

Get the low-down on Vines & Wines

Like to be more Wine Wise, well here’s your chance to improve your wine knowledge and become a bit of a wine wizard in the process. Our downloadable Vines & Wines On-line book gives you a simple grape by grape guide to the most drinkable and enjoyable wines from around the world and the grapes that they're made from.

The Week’s Wines

Here are some of our favourite wines from last year's National Wine Week, some well-known, others not so!

Domaine de Torraccia - Cuvée Oriu 2011 - Corsica

Graillot - Crozes Hermitage 2009 - Rhone

Kaz – Red Said Fred 2014 - Sonoma

Louis de Grenelle – Sparkling Cabernet Franc NV – Loire

Trinity Hill - Sauvignon Blanc 2015 – New Zealand

Ridge - Lytton Springs 2011 – Sonoma

Raats - Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2013 - Stellenbosch

9th National Wine Week will be here Nov 23rd-29th 2020

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