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Well it's been an interesting week so far. Following the Chancellor freezing tax on wine in the latest budget, we've had some wonderful wine stories, started by Aldi who are going to start selling booze for pets; yes you heard me right, wine for cats, naturally called Pawsecco (really) and beer for dogs, somewhat unfairly for us dog-lovers, called Bottom-Sniffer. Whilst they are non-alcoholic, it does herald either a worrying or innovative trend, depending on which way you look at it! I mean why can't dogs have wine and cats not be allowed some beer. This strikes me as somewhat 'petish' and could well infringe their animal rights? I wonder what will be next, will we see 'pissed' rather than pampered pets, or maybe both at the same time!


Another interesting story is the move by Chinese buyers who are acquiring large numbers of Bordeaux wine estates and renaming them to make them more attractive or relevant to Chinese wine drinkers! The 300 year old  Château Larteau was recently renamed Château Lapin Imperial (Chateau      Imperial Rabbit) as apparently rabbits are highly thought of in Chinese mythology; what next Château Pinyin dà (Chateaux Giant Panda).


On a more serious note Vivino's annual Top 50 wines has chosen a Chateau d' Yquiem Sauterne as it's no.1 wine, not bad going for a dessert wine, although it'll set you back more than £500 a bottle!. France once again swept the board with 19 wines in the Top 50 followed by California with 11. Australia, following on from their disastrous Autumn International Rugby tour :) got just 1, almost as bad as their try score!

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