Nov 22nd – 28th


There are two means of classifying wine by varietal (grape type) and by region and broadly the regionality can be further sub-divided into two distinct areas; Old World, meaning mainly Europe and New World, meaning just about anywhere else that wine is grown, but normally confined to the US, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa and South America. These main wine growing regions are centred in two bands around the globe to the North and South of the Equator,

In terms of Old World, France is probably the most famous and prestigious, followed by Italy; as far as the New World is concerned the US, manly California and Australia are the two leading producers.

The major difference between the two major regions is that in the Old World, wine is mainly defined by where it comes from – the actual region and not the varietals that are used to make the wine, whereas in the New World the reverse is the case. And then of course there’s Sparkling Wine!